A traditional sequence of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises practiced twice each in a heated room.  Always the same postures in the same order designed to work every muscle and joint in the body.  Our source of heat comes from infrared heating panels that allow you to stretch and breathe in sauna like sunshine. The extra health benefits of infrared heating are exponential! This is an energizing practice for those new to yoga or advanced, recovering from injury, or desiring a challenging yet healing practice.  The postures are endless: perfect for every age and level.  We hope to inspire and elevate your yoga experience from the minute you enter The Yoga Garage until your final savasana.  



Life is found in movement and we want to bring your life to the fullest.
Some of the life-changing BENEFITS of hot yoga include:


vibrant energy
deeper sleep
the perfect trio: 
strength / cardio / flexibility
pain free
reduce stress / anxiety / depression

radiant skin
healing joint pain
easing digestive issues
proper weight
increased productivity & motivation